Cutting table with movement of the glass on conveyor belts, equipped with 4 cutting heads patented system for straight and shaped cutting. The motorization characterized by a highinertia and the rack sliding system withrounded guides allow very fast cutting procedures increasing the production output. According to the thickness of the glass, the machine governs automatically both the cutting pressure and also the cutting oil flow which depends on the cutting speed.


AG-T-TL 3.70AG-T-TL 6.20
 Working range3800 x 2850 mm6300 x 3400 mm
 Glass thickness3 - 25 mm3 - 25 mm
 max. Glass size3700 x 2750 mm6200 x 3300 mm
 max. Working speed X axe160 m/min160 m/min
 max. Working speed Y axe140 m/min140 m/min
 No. of cutting heads1 ili/or 41 ili/or 4
 Accuracy0,2 mm0,2 mm
Protected working area6700 x 4640 x 3380 mm9200 x 5190 x 3910 mm
 Dimension of machine6000 x 2600 x 2400 mm8500 x 2250 x 2600 mm
Power13 kW19 kW
 Weight3630 kg5100 kg


Laminated glass cutting table is equiped with SFERA system (Patented) tilting top and double fulcrums, so the high quality of the cutting is guaranteed.

AG-T-LM 3.30AG-T-LM 4.60
 min. Thickness3+3 mm3+3 mm
max. Thickness8+8 mm8+8 mm
 max. Cut dimension3300 mm4600 mm
min. Cut dimension300 mm300 mm
 Monolithic cut<19 mm<19 mm
Precision0,5 mm0,5 mm
 max. Dimensons4500 x 3400 x 1600 mm5800 x 3400 x 1600 mm